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Speciality Fabricators and Machine Shop offers many services and products including...
Handrails, Chimney Caps, Aluminium Repairs, Stainless Steel Repairs, Carbon Steel Repairs, Metal Shear, 12' Foot Hydraulic Break (Bending), Welding Supplies & Repairs/Service, Stainless Steel Counter tops, Stainless Steel Doors, Food Grade Stainless Steel, Custom Conveyors, and Abrasives.

Specializing in Aluminium and Stainless Steel, Speciality Fabricators and Machine Shop has over 30 Years combined experience with welding, fabricating, repairing and manufacturing. The company is owed by three members, Varun Patel, Joe Reeves, and Ethan Hartley. We are also your local Wilkesboro suppliers of metals (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and Carbon Steel), welding supplies, and abrasives. Please come by and see us.

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